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Self Branding SEO Training to Get Free Leads From Google For Your Home Business

Want to get free leads and free traffic for your home business from Google? I just viewed an incredible training video by my friends, Ray and Ferny, on how to use Google to position yourself as a leader within your company, even if you’ve never sponsored a single soul. It’s basically talking about controlling the information that is out there on the internet about you and your company,... [Read more]

SocialMediaShortCut Closes Tomorrow – DECISON TIME!

The doors to the SocialMediaShortCut are closing at 6:00pm Tuesday EST USA/8:00am Wednesday EST Australia. If you are a business owner ready to learn how to get results for your business with Social Media Marketing, then you need to act quickly. The SocialMediaShortCut Gold members are already in their back office learning how to cut through the maze of social media marketing and this is your last... [Read more]

Social Media Marketing Webinar

I conducted a special webinar today on Social Media Marketing. This was the Introductory call for our SocialMediaShortCut course but in the webinar I also explained how to leverage Social Media Marketing to get maximum results for your business in the minimum amount of time. Enoy…… For more details on my SocialMediaShortCut course head on over to Share... [Read more]

Stop Spamming Social Networks With Your Ads

That headline may suprize many of you that know I how much I love social media marketing – but let me explain… There is huge difference between professionally and effectively marketing your business on social networking sites and simply posting ads for your business on every piece of social media you can find. There is a right and wrong way to use Social Media Marketing. Get it ‘wrong’... [Read more]

How To Get Social Media Working For Your Business – SocialMediaShortCut

SocialMediaShortCut Course is Now Live! Full details on exclusive training with me to grow your Business with Social Media Marketing at So you’ve heard all the buzz about Social Media Marketing – sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and their potential to grow your business. But are you completely overwhelmed with the amount of information and training being... [Read more]

How To Get Started With Twitter

I use Social Media Marketing and , in particular the micro blogging site Twitter, everyday in my business.  I’ve had a lot of you ask me what Twitter is and how do you get started? Here’s a great video from Howcast that covers the basics of Twitter.  Follow along and you can be “Twittering” today: Share and Enjoy:  Read More →

YouTube Now Has Over 120 Million U.S. Viewers

If you are still deciding if video marketing is right for your business – then you should consider these incredible video viewer numbers from conSure. YouTube’s been on a high-speed growth upswing. Last month, YouTube became the 4th most visited site on the web after it beat out Microsoft’s and MSN, with 85.1 million U.S. visitors. That number may not truly reflect the viewership... [Read more]

90 Day Challenge Update – Getting Healthy and Productive, Weight Loss Update and Power Hour Tactic

Update on my progress and weight loss in my 90 Day Challenge – plus tips to get organised and productive. Power Hour Tactic I’ve implemented into my 90 Day Challenge with incredible results. Enjoy my results so far and then get into action on creating your own! Have you started your own challenge? Need to lose weight, de-clutter your life, grow your business or just get some balance into... [Read more]

Is Social Media Just a Fad?

Is Social Media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Thanks to the World of Socialnomics for this astounding collection of statistics and facts on the growth of Social Media. Watch this and then think about how your business is maximising Social Media Marketing …. Much of this information came from the “Did You Know” video from Karl Fisch and Scott... [Read more]

What Are People Using Twitter For?

From the guys at Twitter Power System comes this interesting post on Twitter usage and trends. Rather than Twitter focussing on “what are you doing?” there has been a shift in emphasis recently.  The Twitter homepage has been altered and now displays the latest trending topics and encourages you to “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world” and “join... [Read more]

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